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Addiction can be found in many forms. A person can be addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, inhalants, or other street drugs (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, etc.). Understanding the reasons people are initially attracted to drug use can help stop future users from becoming addicts.

Experimentation and curiosity are the first factors that draw many to even try drugs. They want to feel that “high,” the sense of euphoria that comes with drug use. While this may lead to recreational use of drugs (using only in certain situations), it rarely leads to actual addiction unless other factors are present. However, some drugs (like heroin) have are more likely to cause addiction than others, resulting in an addiction from simple experimentation alone.

Once a person becomes a drug abuser, they very easily can become addicted. The positive reinforcements of using drugs are often getting “high,” escaping pain, and feeling good. But, once a person becomes a habitual abuser, the negative aspects come out when a person is not using. Physical withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, pain, and shaking may occur. Psychological symptoms such as depression and the inability to experience pleasure can also develop. Therefore, people become addicted not to continue the positive reinforcements, but because they cannot overcome the negative ones.

At Higher Power Foundation, we offer the most gentle and effective alcohol, drug addiction and depression treatment. Our caring, nurturing staff is well equipped to handle the needs of anyone suffering from the ills of eating disorders, pain killer addiction, or substance abuse. We are one of the top Bangalore drug rehab centers supplying the best in addiction recovery, as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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