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DR GAMBETTA da COSTA fondly called Gambo is the co-founder of HIGHER POWER FOUNDATION. He was known as the Alaskan White King in Goa, used hard drugs for 22 years………..NOW IN RECOVERY.

In September 2003, a near fatal car crash on the Pan Jim/Margo highway left him in a comatose stage for over 18 hours. His hallucination took him up the stairway to Heaven, down to the depths of hell and somewhere in between he was back on earth again. The road to recovery has not been an easy one and a relapse on his drug left him with a transient stroke for 48 hours. Today Gambo is as

good as new, and in his own words – “through all this I was not alone. I am great full to my God and Savior who came to me when I least expected it. He took me by the hand, showed me His heart and the love in it for me; He gave me a choice of life with Him, living without my drugs. And He showed me He could deliver me before it was too late! Cleanse me and make me whole again”.

Today Gambo can be in the midst of a party, on stage playing his guitar or singing. He does not need to chase a high with any mood altering substance. Even water drunk now with the right “spirit” gives him a high………

His heart’s desire is to reach out to the skill suffering addicts and ushers them into a new life – free from the shackles of drugs – a beautiful world waiting to be explored through clean and sober eyes – a new world of reality, honesty and sobriety.

PAUL LOBO - Co-founder - a great sportsman in his youth, a theatre personality-an engineering drop out addicted to drugs and alcohol for 32 years is now in recovery. Long years of addiction has left its stigma, trauma on his fluctuating career at work, marriage and life. With quality clean time under his belt, and his favorite quote “I can only keep what I have by giving it away”-Paul's vision is to bring still suffering addicts into the main stream of life minus the mask of drugs and alcohol.
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1) Anniversary & Christmas Celebration
2) Debbie’s 1 year Clean & Serene
3) Majid & Michelle 1 year Clean & Serene     Celebration
4) Group outing to Mangalore convention
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(a) To make recovery available for the drug addicts/alcoholics through volunteers, professional and rehabilitation training programme

(b) To support those who want to abstain from drugs/alcohol and want to reform themselves through this trust.

(c) To assist volunteers who would like to work in this direction elsewhere by this trust.


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