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Higher Power Foundation is a comfortable residential facility for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. We at Higher Power Foundation help people transform their lives by providing the highest quality addiction treatment and continuing care services in a safe, serene and homely environment. We offer a comprehensive approach to the recovery process that addresses the full range of patient, family, and professional needs including treatment and continuing care for youth and adults. Our goal is to help people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction.

Choosing a rehabilitation treatment center is a decision that calls for both negative and positive emotions. Nobody wants addiction to overtake their lives to the point, that rehabilitation is the necessary step. However, the decision to go to one is something to look forward to, as it is the decision to rebuild a healthy life. It is the conscious realization of a problem, and it is the first conscious step towards healing. Understanding what drug addiction and alcoholism entails and how it affects the user is important for the healing process and Higher Power Foundation understands all these needs.

Knowing what rehabilitation is, will help the patient understand what he is going through and the purpose of the treatment. Lastly, the type of rehabilitation program is of vital importance for the patients, which Higher Power Foundation understands.

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