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I started using drugs from the age of 15 and continued to use till 35. Due to my drug use I missed out on many opportunities in life, but somehow completed my engineering and started a career in software development. Due to my job i was able to support my addiction but that was all my life was reduced to i.e. working and using drugs. I met my wife 11 years ago and soon she became my using partner. I used to work to earn for our drug use and use drugs to be able to work. We tried to quit the use of drugs through de-addiction centers, psychiatry and medicine but nothing worked. We have been admitted to hospitals for de-addiction more then 20 times. We had

given up hope that we will ever be able to live without the use of drugs. We needed drugs to speak, eat, walk, sleep etc. – basically for anything and everything. We lost everything over the years of our addiction – our relationships, family, career, money and friends. In the end we were alone and totally isolated. This is when we came to HPF and our lives changed. We learnt that we suffer from the disease of addiction rather than Opiod-dependence as doctors had told us. We were amazed to see that the people who were helping us at HPF understood us as they were themselves addicts in recovery. We had the desire to stop using drugs for many years but never achieved any clean time more than our stay in the hospitals. During our stay in HPF our awareness about the disease of addiction grew and we learnt how we need to handle our lives. We came to know that we have a living problem i.e. we do not know how to live and that our whole attitude to life has to change. We learnt the importance of spiritual principles and the 12-step program. Today we are living a life in recovery and slowly everything is changing and that is because we have changed. Everything we had lost is coming back. We are grateful to HPF from the bottom of our heart.

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