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I have been drinking for 30 years from the age of 15. What seemed fun during these years ended in absolute disaster after having had many rock bottoms, the worst of which was in January 2008. No money, no food and no shelter! For the first time in my life I cried on my knees to God for help. Being a merciful God who works miracles through people I came as a patient to HPF. I went through a tough recovery program for three and a half months and this time the inner desire to stay stopped remains within me on a daily basis. I remind myself of where I came from and even though I am facing the open, difficult and on-going life on my own. I am blessed to get my family back, a job, house, peace of mind and a lot of other gifts in recovery. This is true happiness for me and I put in a lot of efforts to practice the program on a day-to-day basis.


DEBORAH  (Debbie)

DEBORAH  (Debbie) After 10 years using alcohol as a booster to handle my life, thoughts of suicide and a broken marriage, I was totally emotionally shattered and came first as a tourist to HPF, to check out the place, have a taste of what it felt to be off alcohol for a while.  I stayed for 10 days, went back to Goa, relapsed and returned, but this time with a strong determination to make it.  I was in the programme, and honestly worked all the 12 steps in the last one year of my sober time and have come to terms with my “disease” and my life.

The walk of life without the crutch of alcohol has not been an easy one for me, as i live in Goa the hub of drugs and alcohol, have a high flying life style, and

am one of the very sought after hair stylists in Goa.  My social life is hectic, and every party i go to has the best of liquor being served, but there i stand firm and strong – “by the grace of God”.  I help out at the All Women’s AA meeting in Goa, and i hope that more women  who have an alcohol problem can be part of this group.  I can be contacted on mob. # 9881284084.

I am a mother to 3 amazingly lovely children, Scarlett, Brett and Scott.  I am grateful to my children Brett and Scot for their understanding, unconditional love and silent support, and i only want to give them my best now.  My daughter Scarlett a gorgeously beautiful girl, lies in a comatose state for the last 4 years after an accident with brain stem damage. I bathe her, talk to her, play music for her, read to her and tend to her every need, while she continues to lie in her bed oblivious of the world around her. I am able to handle this major holocaust in my life with a calmness that surpasses human understanding – I surrender to God and my willingness to change from within, has given me this realization that “nothing happens without a purpose from the one above”. 

HPF is my second home. The environment in the centre, the friendliness of the trustees, the rehab not being a confined space with high walls and barbed wires, makes recovery a pleasure which normally could be boring. I hold my gratitude to Paul and Gambo the Trustees of HPF.  Paul for his timeless effort spent in counseling, patient listening and continuous follow-up.  Gambo through his madness and light hearted nature, firmly yet gently herded me back to recovery.  I recollect the day i called him up to say i had relapsed, and his conversation with me. Not too long after that i was back at HPF as an inmate.  The daily schedule is good, the talks in the classroom are practical and the attitude of all the other fellow recovering addicts is simply wonderful.  At HPF, recovery is made a simple, joyful exercise.  So heart rendering are my memories at HPF, that i came back to the Rehab to share my gratitude on my completion of one year of total sobriety.

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Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for if you are concerned about the possibility of a loved one being involved with substance abuse of any kind. Different drugs produce different effects resulting in slight variations in outward indications. Some signs and symptoms are specific to opiates and narcotics and distinct from those experienced with Central Nervous Stimulants like Cocaine or depressants like alcohol.


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